The world's worst tourists

The list places the Indians in the 3rd . It is due to the obvious reasons which include the way we carry tonnes of luggage(be it for 2days or 2yrs. of trip) , untidy table etiquettes, etc., Another surprising reason is also found. That is 'being loud'. Indians, be it in home or away, they speak loud in public . 

One thing we indians should be proud of ourselves, is that, being well-developed and much civilised 'Britons are the rudest, meanest and worst' tourist and they made to top of the list.
Here are other ratings.

Best tourists
1st Germans
2nd Americans
3rd Japanese
4th Italians
5th French, Norwegians, Swedes 

Worst tourists
17th Argentines, New Zealanders, Czechs, Finns
21st Indians
22nd Irish, Israelis
24th British

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